Teacher Tools Membership

Teacher Tools is designed to support all aspects of instruction by addressing underlying skills and word knowledge that support all curriculum content. There are articles related to current topics and trends, advocating for student needs, sections on developing instructional skills, student self-advocacy, self-concept and a forum for discussion of current issues and concerns. A Teacher Tools membership includes materials such as worksheets and activities appropriate for all school age levels and an extensive information resource library.

The e-Magazines and Library materials will be available for members to access August 1 to June 30 for use or download. The new e-Magazine is added to Teacher Tools by the 25th of each month, August – April.

Anyone can view Justin Osmond’s inspiring video. Members can now view 13 Kool Kidz Vidz!    New student videos are still needed – submit a Kool Kidz Vid and receive a coupon for $50 of free SSCHL products of your choice! Vidz for ages 6 years through high school are invited!

Articles In Each Issue Of The Teacher Tools E-Magazine

Thanks to the teachers who have been members for the first four years of Teacher Tools. We look forward to providing you with a wealth of useful materials again this school year. Attention is given to both elementary and secondary needs in the following areas:

Straight from the Zebra’s Mouth

Unique Aspects of Students with Hearing Loss. This year the articles will focus on how to assess in the unique areas of development/function most likely to be adversely impacted by hearing loss.

Tech Talk

Technology considerations focusing on improving access to school communication, thereby improving involvement and student outcomes.

Language Instruction Strategies

Language development materials to use for Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary Students. Strategies for this year will alternate monthly between the structure and function of language. Topics on structure include decoding plurals, compound words, prefixes, suffixes, and irregular verbs.  Topics on alternate months include retelling, fact/opinion, following directions, compare/contrast, and semantic mapping.  Each monthly issue will provide activities for beginning, middle, and advanced English Language students.

 Vocabulary Building Tools – Words, Words, Words

Target words are presented in isolation and then in language models that increase complexity to develop a deep, comprehensive understanding of word meaning at the Word Level, Sentence Level and Context Comprehension.

Knowledge into Practice

Summaries of research relevant to teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing for improved advocacy, planning, and teaching.

Strategies for Listening Skill Development

Improving auditory skills by weaving auditory practice into lessons aligned with learning standards to take full advantage of the time the DHH professional spends with a student while also targeting an essential skill set for students with hearing loss.


Strategies for Improved Interactions

Social Skills Development & Pragmatic Language   

Develop social language focusing on a different topic each month. Practice social pragmatic skills with monthly Teacher Tools articles on:  Getting to Know You, Working Together in Groups, Saying “Thank you,” Making and staying in Conversations, Repair Strategies, Asking Questions, Criticizing and Complimenting, Feelings, Winning isn’t Everything.  Each monthly topic will provide appropriately leveled activities for beginning, middle, and advanced students.

Steps to Self-Advocacy Success

Develop advocacy skills to enable a student to become an effective listener, successful communicator, proficient reader, and a knowledgeable consumer of goods and services related to hearing needs. New activities related to a specific goal area each month. Based on Steps to Success self-advocacy curriculum.

The Sky’s the Limit

Cartoon-based self-advocacy lessons written by an educational audiologist and school psychologist.

Transition to Adult Living 

For the older student including activities that develop vocabulary and content knowledge related to real life topics they will face once they leave the school environment.

Information is copy protected. Member Logins are for use by ONE person and are not to be shared. After you purchase your membership online you will receive information immediately on how to login to your Teacher Tools membership account. Paying by PO? The first and last name and email address of each member MUST be included to set up new Teacher Tools members.

Information Included In Teacher Tools Membership

Kool Kidz Vidz – Self-Advocacy and Self-Concept Building Each video is less than 5 minutes long. All have captions or caption transcripts. Each video also has Discussion Points that teachers can use when viewing the Vidz with their students. Think about submitting your own brief videos by Kidz for Kidz! We now have 13 terrific Vidz! Experiences, advocacy, etc! Download more information about how to submit a Kool Kidz Vid here You can earn $50 off your next Supporting Success .

Materials Just for Members resource library: The many “freebies” from the Supporting Success website have been included in the Teacher Tools library so members no longer will have to go back and forth between the sites to try to find materials. New materials will also continue to be added. The materials will continue to be organized by categories that reflect the areas of the professional resources within the Supporting Success website. YOUR LIBRARY AVAILABLE ANYTIME

Discussion ForumThe Forum is there for YOU to use; a ‘safe place’ to ask questions and exchange ideas – member to member. The Forum discussion items will not be retired. Ask a new question or build on a discussion.  JOIN THE DISCUSSION

Teacher Tools membership is for one school year, September-June. Information will be posted by the 25th of each month, August through April with a wrap-up review in May. This information will be available on the Teacher Tools site throughout the membership year. All Materials Just for Members materials and Discussion Form information remain on the membership website for members to access August 1 – June 30. All materials posted monthly will be retired from the site on June 30 of each school year. Join anytime August-May and you will be be able to access or download ALL of the materials for the school year. Paying by PO? The first and last name and email address of each member MUST be included to set up new Teacher Tools members. Please send any feedback about Teacher Tools to teachertools@successforkidswithhearingloss.com.