Instructional Strategies for Listening


The purpose of Instructional Strategies for Listening is to empower teachers to begin writing individualized listening goals and plans based on listening assessments. Intervention plans are based on principles and stages of auditory learning. 


The focus for lessons is on listening skill development as it relates to language development and literacy in all areas.


Developmental models for learning to listen recognize that children learn audition skills, speech sound production, and spoken language learning simultaneously. There are natural “stages” and blocks of development for audition and speech, and for receptive and expressive language development that will assist in writing lesson plans.  

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Listening may refer to:
(1) an “emergent step or achievement” as a strategy in the development of learning to talk;
(2) a remedial, supportive, or monitoring skill for those who have already mastered functional use of audition for spoken language; and
(3) a modality (audition) for learning in classroom settings.  The monthly articles will be focused on instructional lessons to address the developmental and emergent aspects of “listening” as worked into a larger model of individualized auditory learning. 


Lessons for listening skill development will be related to children with ability levels in the following categories:


Child A: Congenital Loss: Early Identified, Early Appropriately Aided (HA or CI)
Child B:  Acquired Peri-Lingual/Post-Lingual Loss: Identified, hearing aided appropriately within a year


Child C: Early Identified appropriately aided (HA or CI), Additional Learning Challenges
Child D: Late Identified, Appropriately Aided (HA or CI) within one year of symptoms or under-aided (under amplified, or no CI when eligible) from time of identification.


Activities and worksheets will be provided for instruction and practice along with teaching ideas and answer keys. Activities will be provided that are applicable across elementary and secondary abilities. 

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Instructional Strategies Materials 


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Laura PetersonLaura N. Peterson is the author of Teacher Tools Instructional Listening Strategies materials. Laura N. Peterson, Ed.D. CCC/SPL, LSLS Cert. AVT is an Educational Consultant, Speech-Language Pathologist,, Auditory-Verbal therapist and Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf, with over 30 years experience in clinical, educational, university, and medical settings. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Rochester (NY) specializing in reading comprehension, child development, and writing strategies of deaf and hearing adolescents. She owns Treatment Options for Families with Hearing Loss and resides in Tega Cay, S.C.

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