Our Website Return/Refund Policy

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss appreciates your business and strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We hope that you are satisfied with and enjoy our book, website, consultation and/or downloadable file products, however we understand that there may be occasions where the products you purchased do not meet your needs. If this occurs, we will exchange items provided the following conditions are met:


  • If you receive a damaged book, please notify us immediately, or no longer than 7 days after receipt. Likewise, if you fail to receive your book within 10 days or less after ordering, please notify us after the 10th day and no longer than the 15th day after ordering. Each book is mailed with a U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation and can be tracked.
  • In the event that the book is damaged during shipping to you and the damage does not fall under another entity’s replacement guarantee, Supporting Success will provide a book to meet your satisfaction.

Downloadable files

  • All downloadable files are able to be opened with easily available software (i.e., at no cost from 7-zip). Returns will not be made due to inability to open files.
  • It is intended that purchasers of downloadable files will have also purchased the book Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom as this text contains explanatory material that is important for fully understanding the files. Therefore returns will not be made due to lack of understanding content or how to implement content.
  • Due to the nature of electronic files, they are extremely portable and easily shared. Therefore no return of purchase will be made once files have been downloaded.
  • Every purchaser will have 24 hours to download the files from the time of purchase. Once that time period expires repurchase of the files will be necessary for an additional 24 hour download period. Persons who have coupon codes that were assigned as part of their book purchase may continue to download the specified files for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months, depending on your date of purchase. Once the coupon code has expired files will need to be purchased to be downloaded.


  • Webcasts are educational offerings that may not be repeated without additional purchase.
  • Each webcast has gone through a professional review and quality control process to result in a high quality professional development experience. Although some webcasts are specific only to a single method of communication, we strongly value respecting all modes of communication.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the presentation (visual or information) you have an opportunity to provide your feedback on the evaluation form that is made available after each webcast has been completed.
  • Each evaluation is carefully reviewed.  If you are very unsatisfied for clearly stated reasons you may request an exchange for another webcast presentation within your evaluation response. The evaluation form is our only mechanism for you to request an exchange. No refunds are provided for online learning opportunities. You will be notified within 5 work days about how to execute this exchange for a different webcast.


  • We recognize that individuals seeking information may have strong feelings about their situation and information that they have received from a variety of sources. The service offered by Consultation is to offer a perspective from an experienced professional that has not been involved with you, your situation, or your specific question to date. There is no guarantee that the Consultant will provide information with which you agree or the perspective that you may have been searching to receive.
  • Consultation time is redeemable in blocks of 30 minutes, of which 15 minutes may be redeemed if they are unused. If you did not receive a full 30 minutes but you did receive more than 15 minutes then your consultation period is considered to have been fulfilled.
  • You are encouraged to complete a feedback form after your consultation. Every feedback form is carefully considered and used as training for our Consultants so that we may continue to improve in our services. If you are very unsatisfied for clearly stated reasons not related to perspective differences you may request an exchange for another consultation period within your feedback response. The evaluation form is our only mechanism for you to request an exchange.  No refunds are provided for Consultation opportunities. You will be notified within 5 work days about how to execute this exchange for additional Consultation time.

The purpose that Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss exists is to provide resources to help professionals and families who are seeking information on children with hearing loss. Although this website can never meet the needs of all individuals, we do strive to provide high-quality resources and continually improve on our offerings. Therefore your feedback is valued and we want to hear from you if you encounter unsatisfactory issues or areas of concern. In addition to the feedback and evaluation mechanisms provided, please feel free to email your concerns to karen@successforkidswithhearingloss.com

Thank you.
Karen L. Anderson, PhD
Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

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