Kool Kidz Vidz are brief videos by Kidz for Kidz that talk about experiences, challenges, successes, advocacy, etc! See the possible topics to choose from below.

The only Kool Kidz Vidz that will be available to view are the ones that YOU submit! Please consider contributing one or more student videos!

CLICK HERE  for how to submit a video.  You students can be STARs and inspire others!

HOORAY – we have 10 student videos now. View the Discussion Points to find the video(s) that best fit your student’s interests and issues. Let’s help our students feel stronger about themselves and more okay about their hearing loss/devices!

View the inspiring video by Justin Osmond .

NOTE: Depending on your internet connection, a video may buffer for up to 2 minutes before it starts. Please be patient.

It was really tough to get some of these kids in front of a camera, but I wanted them to be speaking from their hearts, so we didn’t rehearse or modify anything and I tried not to jump in if it didn’t seem I needed to. I let them choose which suggested questions they wanted to address and they all really appreciated that. I learned a lot while doing the videos. The best part was that I’m certain each of these students felt stronger after doing the videos than they had beforehand. These videos are a win-win for all! Catherine Madonia, Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Sonoma County Office of Education

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