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The Forum provides a way for members to post questions, ideas, problems and successes!

The main purpose is to get teachers discussing and sharing together!


Discussion Forum Rules:
The Forum administrators reserve the right to remove any post that disregards the following rules or is otherwise offensive:

1. No specifics about any child that would allow the child to be identified. Use false names or no names.

2. No foul language or bad mouthing any person, location, product source or manufacturer. Sharing challenging experiences in a professional manner is fine.

3. Show respect for all individuals, regardless of communication methodology or other personal characteristics.

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The following categories are used to track the discussions on this forum:

Teaching Strategies: Issues or What Worked

Eligibility/Assessment: Issues or What Worked

Amplification: Issues / Needs

Collaboration: Working with Families or other Professionals

Hearing Loss: Audiograms/Syndromes/Etc Questions

Miscellaneous: Topics that don’t fit into the TEACH categories

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