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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Membership Year!

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Materials have been added for November.

Fall means colorful leaves, pumpkins, and flowers.  Teacher Tools will look at ‘color’ with stories about crayons and rainbows and attributes with different color words.  Social skills will discuss table manners as many of us will gather around a table with family and friends. Words, words, words will look at the roots of ‘chromo’ and ‘atic’ and how they relate to color. Listening Strategies for November is all about listening connections to vocabulary development and how to integrate vocabulary growth during school routines. Hearing Loss Acceptance expands on raising the awareness of missed information of early school-age students and focuses on how to build skills in the area of subvocalizing as a means to remember what was heard. This skill development also will help to build perseverance and reinforce that the student has responsibility for listening and understanding and cannot sit passively and wait for someone to ‘fill in the blanks’ when they do not understand. Research Round-up is a recap of the research on vocabulary development in children, the 30 Million Word Gap, and how it applies to children with hearing loss.


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Teacher Tools for 2016-2017

New instructional materials are added to Teacher Tools by the 25th of each month

Thanks to the teachers who have been members for the first three years of Teacher Tools. Your hosts, Karen Anderson and Lynne Price look forward to providing you with a wealth of useful materials again next school year.  The 2016-2017 edition of Teacher Tools will continue to look at instructional and resource support for developing skills in listening, language, vocabulary, self-advocacy, and serving children with multiple concerns. Attention will be given to both elementary and secondary needs in the following areas:


instructional strategiesInstructional Strategies for Language and Literacy: The focus for 2016 -2017 will be on easy to use lessons on topics related to seasonal or cultural events of each month. Areas of concentration will include:

  • Social Language – greetings, showing appreciation, small talk
  • Content vocabulary – provide words for use in oral and written language
  • Attributes – developing the use of function, description, parts, location, categories, association, and composition to expand comprehension

May 15th was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! View these SAMPLE Materials for 2016-2017.  Instructional Strategies materials for language and literacy are based on monthly seasonal vocabulary.

Listening section imageInstructional Strategies for Listening: 
With so many more children who are functionally hard of hearing, the results of the survey made it clear that members would like to have strategies for fostering listening development expanded. We have brought Laura Peterson on board, a speech-language pathologist and certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist to provide strategies (“lessons”) that can be applied to younger and older students along with children who have multiple learning challenges. She plans to use case study examples throughout the year to illustrate how to apply the listening development materials for various ages and learning needs.

Words words words

Vocabulary: W3 – Words, Words, Words will continue to provide ways to develop word awareness and association at both a basic and advanced level, this year focusing on morphology.  In order to develop a deep understanding, the individual must be able to use the word appropriately in a variety of language structures and content.  Morphology awareness supports a deeper understanding. 

hearing loss tech acceptance


Maximizing Acceptance of Hearing Loss and Technology: Karen Anderson will tackle this tough issue through monthly articles dealing with the reasons for resistance to using amplification and ways to improve student acceptance and beyond. Awareness of hearing loss, resilience to teasing and dealing with challenges, why children begin to reject hearing aids and suggestions to address these various issues will be addressed.

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Kool Kidz Vidz – Self-Advocacy and Self-Concept Building Each video is less than 5 minutes long. All have captions or caption transcripts. Each video also has Discussion Points that teachers can use when viewing the Vidz with their students.  Think about submitting your own brief videos by Kidz for Kidz! We now have 10 terrific Vidz! Experiences, advocacy, etc!  Download more information about how to submit a Kool Kidz Vid here You can earn 15% off your next Supporting Success order PLUS a free Teacher Tools membership for next year or Teacher Tools CD.

Research Round upProfessional development: Research Round-up:
With early identification of hearing loss and improvements in technology, the needs of our students with hearing loss have been changing over the last 15 years. It is hard to keep up with the changes! The Research Round-up will provide summaries of important recent research articles, emphasizing the bottom line applications for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing and their work with students.


Materials LibraryMaterials Just for Members resource library: The many “freebies” from the Supporting Success website have been included in the Teacher Tools library so members no longer will have to go back and forth between the sites to try to find materials. New materials will also continue to be added. The materials will continue to be organized by categories that reflect the areas of the professional resources within the Supporting Success website.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum: The Forum is there for YOU to use; a ‘safe place’ to ask questions and exchange ideas – member to member. The Forum discussion items will not be retired. Ask a new question or build on a discussion.    JOIN THE DISCUSSION



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2015-2016 Instructional Materials available on CD   $34.00 


Teacher Tools membership is for one school year, September-June. Information will be posted by the 25th of each month, August through April with a wrap-up review in May. This information will be available on the Teacher Tools site throughout the membership year. All Materials Just for Members materials and Discussion Form information remain on the membership website for members to access August 1 – June 30. All materials posted monthly will be retired from the site on June 30 of each school year.


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